CU Buffoons

University of Colorado's oldest a cappella group

With more than sixty a cappella performances each year, the CU Buffoons have a diverse repertoire of songs that spans the groups fifty four years on the CU Boulder campus.

Tim Dolquist  Music Director, Junior, Tenor II

  Tim Dolquist  :: Music Director, Junior, Tenor II

Tim Dolquist :: Music Director, Junior, Tenor II

Tim Dolquist is an unpredictable character in the satirical comedy referred to as "Life". His many puns charge the sun and grace the moon. For the past five years, Tim has toured the European countryside playing classical guitar for many an audience. Now that he has returned to the United States, Tim spends most of his time talking to lamp posts, visiting batting cages, and walking in circles.  

Peter Hassinger  Business Manager, Senior, Bass

  Peter Hassinger   :: Business Manager, Senior, Bass

Peter Hassinger :: Business Manager, Senior, Bass

Peter hails from the hills in Evergreen, Colorado. He enjoys being outside, discovering new music, longboarding, skiing, and spinning fire poi. When he is not singing with the Buffoons, he lives in the engineering center managing the buffoons website and working on environmental engineering projects. He hopes to some day travel around the world helping develop clean drinking water solutions for camels in need.

Jake Parelman  Recent Graduate, Tenor II

  Jake Parelman  :: Recent Graduate, Tenor II

Jake Parelman :: Recent Graduate, Tenor II

Upon first landing in the new world Jacob Parleman, born Jakob Parleman, found himself a hobby, crafting pianos. After many years in piano crafting school he decided that he didn't want to be a piano maker any longer. So he decided he would go to college in a land that he heard lay just east of the great Rocky mountain range. Boulder, Colorado was this magical place. When going to the school for the first semester as an academic scholar Jacob decided to study what he knew best; music. He found himself humbly accepted into the Buffoons as a freshman, and now resides in Cabo, in perpetual spring break.

David Bashford  Recent Graduate, Baritone

  David Bashford  :: Recent Graduate, Baritone

David Bashford :: Recent Graduate, Baritone

It's been rumored that David Bashford's blue eyes and dirty blonde hair materialized directly from sapphire and gold, but who knows what legends and fables have developed through the gossip of lesser men. Those who truly know David know that he has no intention of preying on vulnerable women with his good looks, but that the things he holds closest to his heart are chocolate milk, ping pong, and watching himself dance and lip sync in the mirror. When David isn't singing obnoxiously or giving smoldering looks to passerby, he can be found playing quarterback for the CU football team. David aspires to one day grow a legitimate mustache like his dad. 

Evan Lian  Recent Graduate, Tenor I

  Evan Lian  :: Recent Graduate, Tenor I

Evan Lian :: Recent Graduate, Tenor I

Evan is stoked to be a senior in the Buffoons this year. He travelled great distances to arrive in Boulder from Sacramento, CA and has a blast singing too high with his fellow tenors. He is studying Molecular Biology, and plans to stay in school for seventeen more years, so he can attend medical school and accumulate massive debt. Outside of school, Evan enjoys skiing, friends, music, and scaling tall buildings.

Ben Pollack  Recent Graduate, Baritone

  Ben Pollack  :: Recent Graduate, Baritone

Ben Pollack :: Recent Graduate, Baritone

Ben traveled to CU all the way from Poway, California (a San Diego suburb) to study Instrumental Music Education. He is excited to student teach in the Spring and will graduate in May, 2014. In his free time Ben enjoys playing his euphonium, eating, sleeping, making fun of bad movies, watching the San Diego Padres/Chargers play, being a pitch pipe, listening to a cappella music, playing Frisbee golf, and hanging out with friends. He is looking forward to an awesome last year of great music with the Buffoons.

Tyler Brodbeck  Senior, Baritone

  Tyler Brodbeck  :: Senior, Baritone

Tyler Brodbeck :: Senior, Baritone

Tyler Brodbeck is now a senior here at CU. He hails from the New England area of Madison, Connecticut where he graduated Daniel Hand High School in 2011. Tyler is an Anthropology major, and believe it or not it had nothing to do with Indiana Jones. He is also in Army ROTC where he plans to serve as an officer for the greatest nation of all, 'Merica. Tyler enjoys good food, movie nights, sleeping past 5am (it's a rare occasion), and straight chillin'.

Kevin Bell  Senior, Bass

  Kevin Bell  :: Senior, Bass

Kevin Bell :: Senior, Bass

Kevin adds to the epic bass section bringing the singers to three. While Atlanta will always be around as Kevin's hometown, Boulder has become Kevin's new home. In his free time, Kevin enjoys listening to music, pondering the existential features of life, and embarking on Boulder adventures.

Spence Hood  Junior, Tenor I

  Spence Hood  :: Junior, Tenor I

Spence Hood :: Junior, Tenor I

Spence came to CU after starring in the premier cast for live Teletubbies, which was shortly cancelled after the first pilot episode. His charming smile has brought him far in Boulder and he volunteers extensively at the Boulder Bus Stop. His hobbies include spelunking, cartography, rare stamp collecting, and cooking Lithuanian entrees.

Ian Collett  Junior, Bass

  Ian Collett  :: Junior, Bass

Ian Collett :: Junior, Bass

Ian arrived in Boulder after years of studying Mesopotamian nuts in the Middle East. He has become a camel farmer since moving back to the United States and makes frequent trips east for training in cinematic films. His hobbies include collecting 18th century coins, touring the worlds amusement parks, and hunting for bargains at department stores.

Recently Inducted Buffoons

Andy Seracuse  Freshman, Tenor II

  Andy Seracuse  :: Freshman, Tenor II

Andy Seracuse :: Freshman, Tenor II

Andy Seracuse was birthed in a hollow tube on the International Space Station. After securing the title of first human born in space, his infant blog immediately went viral causing widespread power blackouts from overdrawn servers. Now back on Earth, he struggles from arachibutyrophobia due to an experience on the I.S.S. that went south. As one of the newest members of the CU Buffoons, Andy spends his spare time tinkering with old lawn mowers, collecting rare Argon samples, and living amongst the raccoons. 

Kevin O' Connor  Freshman, Baritone

  Kevin O' Connor  :: Freshman, Baritone

Kevin O' Connor :: Freshman, Baritone

Kevin O' Connor was born on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. He milked his way to the top of his class before joining the Buffoons here in Boulder. He also won first place seven years in a row at the Annual Dairy Farm Talent Show in Madison for competitive marshmallow peep eating. Now that he has settled down, his hobbies include miniature aviation, training pugs for the circus, and southern swing dancing. He hopes to one day teach the Charleston at retirement homes throughout the country.  

Evan Oliver  Junior, Tenor I

  Evan Oliver  :: Sophomore, Tenor I

Evan Oliver :: Sophomore, Tenor I

Evan Oliver appeared on this Earth sometime between 1993 and 1997... Not much is known of the mysterious Mr. Oliver.